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Who’s behind TWST?

We are two french friends with years of experience in trading and algorithmic analysis, both passionate about the financial markets. Together, we created The Wall Street Terminal (TWST) with a clear vision and mission: To make our research on market trends accessible to all, empowering everyone to make informed decisions and reduce the risk of investing in the wrong sector.

Believing in the power of clarity, honesty, and simplicity, we strive to cut through the noise to deliver straightforward market information. Guided by the principles of renowned designer Dieter Rams, we’ve crafted a design that facilitates easy reading of our information. Our platform blends today’s advanced algorithmic analysis with an attractive, easy-to-understand format, embodying the essence of smart, simple, and effective design.

Harnessing the power of sophisticated algorithms, we calculate market trends, probabilities, and stock analyses, distilling complex data into actionable insights. For example, our trend probability analysis helps you gauge the potential direction of various market sectors. We keep things simple and transparent – no jargon, no bluster, just the facts you need for informed decision-making.

Whether you’re a beginner, an occasional trader, or a seasoned professional, The Wall Street Terminal is designed to guide your financial choices. Our platform helps you stay focused, maintain a solid plan of action, and provides the vital information tailored to your experience level.

Welcome aboard to the world of trading as it should be: smart, simple, and effective.

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