No more getting lost in your investments

At The Wall Street Terminal, our journey began with a deep passion for trading and technology. As two algorithm creators, we spent years coding and refining our trading indicators to make informed, automated decisions. In order to fund our trading capital, we chose to make a portion of our valuable data available to the public. This data can help traders make informed decisions and succeed in the financial markets and the complex world of investments.

We’ve brought together our trading principles in a simple, straightforward investment manifesto.

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 1

Observe Rather Than Believe

Prioritize data, not feelings. Investment decisions should be based on verifiable facts (whether you like it or not) .

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 2

Guided by Risk, Not by Gain

Minimize risk to maximize gain. Capital protection is essential.

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 3

Follow the Trend, Do Not Anticipate

Do not jump in blindly. Decisions should be based on established trends, not speculative forecasts.

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 4

Know When to Exit Before Entering

Have strict money management. Know your exit points before engaging in the market.

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 5

Be Agile

Adapt investment strategies based on new data and market developments. Follow verified trends.

TWST Manifesto

Principle n° 6

Peace of Mind

No need to check every five minutes. A well-defined strategy reduces anxiety and fosters trust in the process.

Reliable global data

Over the years, we’ve developed sophisticated algorithms that allow us to follow market trends in real-time. These insights help us stay aligned with market movements and make strategic investment decisions based on current trends. This data forms the backbone of our trading strategies and can now support your investment journey.

Psychology and algorithms

Our unique approach combines global financial data with behavioral finance principles. By understanding where investors are putting their money, we can identify trends and tendencies that drive market movements. This helps you follow the flow of money, ensuring you’re investing in sectors and industries that are poised for growth.